Focal aspires to be the preferred security services partner to key clients in Singapore. The company has deliberately maintained a small pool of security officers dedicated to provide premium security to selected clients which includes banks, financial institutions, data centres, commercial installations and government departments.

Quality Assurance

Focal strives to provide quality services to our clients on a consistent basis. The quality assurance plan was established to guide the operations team and it covers all required activities prior to the mounting of the project and during the execution and monitoring phase.

Dedication to Clients

To ensure operations effectiveness and responsiveness to clients, each account manager will only manage accounts or projects with about 30 security officers. In this way, the account manager is able to respond to any operations issues and implement appropriate corrective measures in the shortest possible time.

24/7 Operations Centre

Focal has a 24/7 Operations Centre that monitors and tracks all attendance and incidents at the various sites. The Operations Centre will send SITREPS and incident reports to the relevant key management staff. If required, a response team will be activated and despatched to the affected site.

Compliance with PWM

In line with the implementation of the Progressive Wage Model, Focal will continue to invest in training, remuneration and reward system on our security officers.